Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 11, Meeting 11: On the upswing

Early morning meeting. No coffee today. Still headachy from my illness that now my whole department has come down with. Thought it was coffee withdrawal. Long day at work but the break was nice. I feel like 3 days of sleeping helped regulate my body a bit to the lower dose of Prozac I'm on. I thought that was what my headache was from too. It's kinda brutal.

I like my Thursday morning meeting. It's a crazy feeling to end my day of work having already gone to a meeting. It really does start my day off right. Since I was always chatty about my "stuff" first thing in the morning, this suits me. Get it all off my chest before it starts to weigh me down along with the rest of the day has to offer me! The topic was family. They read a passage in the book, I had just recently read and liked a great deal. We talked about self-centeredness and ego....and how crazy all our families are. I have a lot to say on that topic. But not tonight....;)

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